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Stronger tools. 
Deeper customization. 
Wider integration. 

Our most powerful platform yet.

And much, much more!

What's Different

Introducing ProcessMaker 4.

  • Completely new architecture, built for speed and scalability based on an event-driven, asynchronous queueing infrastructure

  • Reimagined Process Modeler is now fully 100% BPMN 2.0 compliant

  • New Screen Builder for better and easier Form authoring

  • New Script IDE authoring environment, to create and test scripts in PHP, C#, Java or Javascript

  • Independent Screen and Script libraries which live outside of processes and provide better support for reusability and scalability

  • New JSON-based fluid data model support for better integration and data manipulation capabilities

  • Easily customized UI (logos, fonts and colors)

Core Features
Enterprise Features

  • Fully extensible via Laravel packages. Deploy enterprise functionality to your ProcessMaker instance with rapid deployment.

  • Use Saved Searches to save and share searches associated with your processes, requests, and tasks across the platform. Manage the search parameters for your Saved Searches and as well as other users who can view the results of those Saved Searches. Specify whether you’d like to share your Saved Searches with specific ProcessMaker users and/or groups.  

  • Reports - Use Saved Search reports to download the current run of a Saved Searches, configure a scheduled report with the results of a Saved Search, or configure email notifications when a request matches a Saved Search.